April is here and we are ready to leave the windy winter behind! Get ready to embrace the crystal clear waters and spectacular fishing weather of spring!

Mangrove and the Gray snappers will be coming into their prime, and they will be big...really big! Especially here in Fort Pierce and we will be catching them in great numbers this month.

We recommend fishing in 70ft of water, rigging up a stiff bottom rod, a 4/0 hook, and 30-50lb mono for best fighting chances. The questions is can you outsmart a hook shy, dump truck sized snapper? A twitch on the line, rod tip moved, that's when the fun begins.

Once hooked up snappers will take off on a hard run. Mangroves and Grays live around jagged, dense reefs and wrecks, perfect for hiding and breaking an anglers line, giving these strong fighters home-field advantage. Once you get them up off the reef and safe from structural break offs be prepared for a bulldogging battle back to the boat. Remember that these fish are smart - too many break offs and the bite will shut down. This is exactly what makes the Grey Snapper one of our personal favorite fish to target and catch.

While fishing the bottom take advantage of the Mahi bite on top. The scent and oils from your bait will act as a natural chum slick attracting the Mahi toward the boat. To catch a hungry Mahi, keep a pitch rod ready and look for the green and yellow flash. Odds are that the Mahi won’t be alone, and keeping one hooked in the water will keep the others circling around looking for a second bite. Hooking up to a double bite will test your fishing skill, you must be quick to clear lines as the Mahi will run wild around the boat, and keep the gaff at hand in case it is the BIG ONE!

We are looking forward to all that April has to offer, the showers, magnificent Grays and Mangroves, Mahis, and the fresh mango salsa for fish tacos in paradise!

Tight lines and good vibes!

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